Oil Field Service - Fort McMurry-Alberta-Canada

Here at KWI we are willing to do any reasonable request that our customers have. Including but not exclusively; providing labor for any job on site, hotshotting parts, providing a heated shop(in Fort McMurray) to thaw equipment and or tools. We are also willing to supply support for new non competing enterprises, to that end we can supply an acre and a half fenced, dog protected yard. A 4,695 square foot shop complete with six inch concrete and a 10,000 pound hoist. Other services we can offer are housing, a service truck(with a licensed mechanic), and a mechanically inclined crew. Joining forces with KWI has advantages such as; our inclusion in various oil company vender lists, our listing on Canqual/isnetworld, our safety program, and our certificate of recognition in the partnership for injury reduction. We can facilitate an expedited entry into the oilsands with these time consuming and expensive business requirements. Enterprises that we feel are in demand are high volume water filtration systems be they portable or stationary, and new chemical cleaning machines, methods, and or chemicals which reduce the risk to humans. As we cannot envision all possible technologies, please feel free to contact us if you or your organization have questions regarding these or any of our services.
* General washing with steamer/combo/hydro-vac/High pressure "NORMS"
* Suck up varios products using combo vac, or vac or pressure truck,-Sumps, trays, lines, trench, catch basin, barrels
* Removing ice and/or thaw line using steamer/combo
* General washing with steamer
* Confined space general wash
* General cleaning, with or with out chemical
* Vacuum out sump, catch basin, trench, trays, totes, and ground water
* Unloading material into tanks ( Vac Trucks )
Other Services
* Supply waste disposal for drilling operations

* Supply water for drilling operations
* Build ice bridges, roads, and drilling leases

* Wash heavy and light equipment

* Snake lines and small culverts

* Provide manpower for confined space entries of tanks and vessels

* Provide manpower for plant maintenance